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Conferences-Media in Transition
iUniverse Online Books
Next Song
Management and Virtual Decentralised Networks: The Linux Project
Vernor Vinge on the Singularity
Quit your 9 to 5 and join the REVOLUTION!
MOUSE(4) manual page
Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux
JOOP 8/1/01 -
For more info on our life
C++ Coding Standard
Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) Homepage

o s C o m m e r c e :// Open Source E-Commerce Solutions


PHP-Nuke Powered Site
Mike's Home Page
Bugzilla Main Page
Russound / Intellinet Development Page
Z-World is the leading producer of embedded single board computers
Russound development page
Russound/IntelliNet Controls WikiWiki site - All Pages
Z-World | Products | RCM2200 RabbitCore
RS 2000
MIZI Research, Inc.


Hardware Reviews by Type
ASUS L 8400B: Compare Prices, Ratings, Best Deals
Linux on Laptops
The Talk.Origins Archive: The FAQ
Acer ERGO61 Future Keyboard
Advanced Integrated Management Solutions Group (AIMS)
Allan Clarke's Home Page
AltaVista Zip2 Division
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Ansible MOO
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
Baen Free Library
Bleeding Edge Magazine: Home Totally Free Internet Service
Boardwatch Magazine - Guide to Internet Access and the World Wide Web
Booklist for 4A Folk
Books On Line
Building Number Three
ChBg - home page
Climate Dynamics at RAL
Comfort Keyboard System
Cosm - Phase 1
Coyote V. Acme
DCypher.Net - Welcome to the future of supercomputing
Datahit Metasearch
Debunking Open-Source Myths: Origins and Players
DevEdge Online - Documentation - HTML
EGG - the Explosion Graphics Generator
Eric Harshbarger's LEGO pages
Erin Free Software�
Faximum Messaging Server 1.0 - The Ultimate Source to Babylon 5: Into the Fire
Free Film Project
FreeISP powered by Excite
FreeLane powered by Excite Help
FreeMWare for BeOS
The Free Network Project
FullOn3D Hardware - Gear for the 3D Accelerated Gamer
GNU Nana: improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++
GTC 0.2
Gamasutra - Features - "How to Hurt the Hackers: The Scoop on Internet Cheating and How You Can Combat It" [07.24.00]
Geek TV[tm]
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
Gsh Home Page
Index Frame
Irman homepage
JPEG image 1024x768 pixels
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
KeyKit Download Site
Knuth: MMIX News
LSM Search Page
Lake and Amanda
Libero Home Page
Lifting the Veil: Child Welfare, Foster Care, Juvenile Justice
Linux Games - Even Penguins Like To Have Fun
MandrakeUser.Org - Main
Mars Reports Main Page
Mikaels Aronssons MagicLight page -- Leggo My Myth -A Myth II Total Conversion
Nautilus Screenshots 8/2/00
Netrek Continuum - Netrek Home Page
Nicolas Brodu's libsmb
Open Directory - Society: Activism: Media Activism: Culture Jamming Free Textbooks and Notes
Project Cyrus
Q10 Firecracker GUI
QtVu Homepage
Quick View Data Sheet
Rael's Binary Grabber
Reviews 'r' Us. Reviews of everything PC and Playstation
SARA - Security Auditor's Research Assistant
SDIF Specification
SGI - IRIS Performer
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Engineering, Science, and Other (Pretty Clean) Jokes Collection
Seattle Weekly: Features: The war over your personal privacy is over. You Lost!
Setting sail for the stars
Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc.: Anyone Can Run Flat Out On A Public Highway! (index.htm)
Solar System Simulator
SoloTrek Exoskeletor Flying Vehicle by Millennium Jet Inc.
SourceForge: Welcome to Project Alexandria
Spaceref Image Database I - Your Guide to the Worst Stuff on the Internet
Survival Research Laboratories
Linux From Scratch
BYO Linux
VTK Home Page
IMLIB3D Home Page
Introduction to OpenPTC
Official OpenGUI home page
nokia tracfone rates
prepaid cellular and long distance service by Pharos International
The XPilot Page
Linux Applications - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !
The Cylindrix Tribute Page
Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest for Herring.
The (Nearly) Whole Microsoft Catalog
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The Atanasoff Berry Computer
The Burning Man Project - Official Site
The Cosmic Chaos Homepage : CClinux HomePage
The Frog Farm FAQ
The Internet Namespace Cooperative
The LART Pages
The Risks Digest Index to Volume 20
The Talk.Origins Archive: Home Page
The WorldForge Project
The XFB (Accelerated Framebuffer) Library
The pdq homepage
Things People Said
Thinking about Thinking
Tierra home page
Time City Port Authority - Screenshots
Twisted Matrix Enterprises
WOZ Home
Welcome to Fullway Technologies Corp.
Welcome to MAZ home
Wired 2.10: Spew
[ f l o w ]
bfree! Christian Polygamy & Patriarchy Page
jMax - home page - questions
the nervana project: updated 9 aug 99
Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations performed in Leeds
Nupedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia: HomePage

Hobbies / Personal Interests


A Glimpse of What's Beyond -- an unofficial Rush Page
Another Work in Progress
Audio-Quality-HOWTO for Linux
CAJUN Car Audio Jukebox
Guild Software
IceDJ - Scripts for Streaming MP3 Servers
Pure MP3 - If you want porn, go to a porn site!

Software synthesizers

F R E E B I R T H - Bass Synth/ Sequencer/ Sample player for Linux
Guild Software
Spiral Synth Homepage
aRts - analog realtime synthesizer
gAlan - Introduction and Requirements --- Modular Analog Music Synthesizers
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site
aRts - analog realtime synthesizer
lyrics dot - search results : welcome!
Multi Technology Equipment
Linux Audio Users Guide
Linux Audio Development - Home
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution
Spiral Synth Modular Homepage
GIDI Digital Jukebox
ALSA Soundcard Matrix
Sonorus - STUDI/O
Sonorus - STUDI/O
Agnula Home Page


Tomás Howie Drumming Web - Home
Drum music store transcription books about music and drumming for drummers!
Drums Around The World At Your Finger Tips...


Capital Yachts Page (Newport, etc.)
Latest RAWs Observations from REDDING_AIRPORT_POR CA
Sensor Data: Shasta County California
The Weather Channel - Redding, CA (96001)
WHI - Whiskeytown Dam (Clear Creek)
Weather Underground: Redding, California Forecast
Welcome To Latitude 38 - California's Leading Sailing & Marine Magazine
CAT-ALIST: portal for catamaran sailing
Boats and yachts for sale or charter - We've got your boat!


Astronomy Picture of the Day
Backyard Ballistics
Break Through Propulsion Physics
Cycorp: Company Overview
Fling: Speech without limits
Honda Insight
LunaCorp Home Page - Creating Artificial Consciousess
Moller International's Skycar
NSA - National Cryptologic Museum
Presidential Commission Report on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Richard Dawkins: Is Science A Religion?
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
The Audio Spotlight
They Write the Right Stuff
X PRIZE Foundation // New Race to Space
AtheOS - free alternate operating system
TKGate Home Page
Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations performed in Leeds
SIR-C/X-SAR Images
Soviet Space History Main Page
The Simulation Argument


Alife Research Frame Layout
The GOLEM Project
Evolved Virtual Creatures

The Art of Electronics


Bookface | Read Online Books and Excerpts
Canada's B5 Information Pages
City of Dreams
Hatrack River - The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card
Science Fiction titles available from Mind's Eye Fiction
Star Wars Origins
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Lexx (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
Singular Vernor Vinge Page
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books - Home Page

World Foundry

3DEL: New engines since february 2000
GPG: Projects
Getting Started with SGML/XML
Home page of Terry Mackintosh,
Nebula:2130 -- The Future of Massively Interactive Environments
SourceForge: Welcome
GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
gameinstitute: news & events
Radon Labs Homepage - By Game Developers for Game Developers | frustum culling in opengl
3D Gamers - Over 38 Gigabytes of 3D Gaming Goodness
The NetRexx Language
Wings 3D

Genesis programming



Steve Munsinger's Space, Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
STScI- PR02-11: Hubble's Advanced Camera Unveils a Panoramic New View of the Universe
Cover Story: To Boldly Paint What No Man Has Painted Before - Summer 2002


Boating Rope Knot Wagoner's Hitch
Boating Rope Knots
Capital Yachts Page (Newport, etc.)
Catalina Sailboats - Catalina Yachts - Planet Catalina - The Sailing Community Site
Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
Newport 30 Home Page

Cool Hardware

"The fiercest and, frankly, ugliest contest on television" - Robert Llewellyn
Hacking The TiVo FAQ Wizard 1.0.3
Large Hot Pipe Organ
LaserMAME - Vector games played in a new Light
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store --- Robots Kits, Muscle Wires, Electronics, Parts, Books and More!!! ---
Scrapheap Challenge 2000
The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS
Welcome to BattleBots(TM)
Welcome to Nomadic Research Labs
CarterCopter, autogyro, gyroplane, gyrocopter, gyrodyne
Pulse Jet Engine - Home
Digi-Frame Inc. - Digital Picture Frames
PJRC High Capacity MP3 Player Circuit Board Project
Dension Audio Systems Ltd.
Matt's Roller Coaster
Ramsey Electronics
Autopilot: Overview
RCTOYS.COM // Draganflyer III Gyro Stabilized Helicopter
Welcome to


Free Software advocacy

Open Content Network
softwarewar.png (PNG Image, 959x719 pixels)
Sincere Choice
Sincere Choice

BitLaw: A Resource on Technology Law
Protect Our Heritage Forests Drug Info, Rights, Laws, and Discussion
NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws
Welcome to the Anti-DMCA Website
Free Dmitry Sklyarov
Quick Reference For Choosing a Free Software License
Speculative Microeconomics for Tomorrow's Economy

Environment - Geek History thourgh T-shirts
Hybrid Electric Vehicles


2600: The Hacker Quarterly
Advocates for Self-Government
Alan Keyes, Albert Gore Jr., Bill Bradley, David McReynolds, Donald Trump, Gary L. Bauer, George W. Bush, Harry Browne, John Hagelin, John S. McCain, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., Malcolm (Steve) Forbes Jr., Orrin Hatch, Patrick J. (Pat) Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Robert C. (Bob) Smith, Warren Beatty. vote 2000, Choose PRESIDENT, candidates, USA select PRESIDENT decide, election, vote, recommend
Americans for Fair Taxation
Bill O� Rights>
Bruce Sterling Online Index: The Hacker Crackdown
CRP Publications's Race For The Rainforest!
Critiques Of Libertarianism
EPN | The Electronic Policy Network - Campaign Finance Reform
Fairtunes - home
Foresight Institute
The Free Network Project
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
Harry Browne for President
League for Programming Freedom (LPF)
Leonardo On-Line
Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party of New York
MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression (SAFE) Home Page
NTTG.Net: Developing Technology for New Tomorrows - DVD for every OS
OpenNIC: Democratic Name System
Openlaw: Open DVD
Opposing Copyright Extension
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use
Samuelson - Fair Use for Computer Programs and Other Copyrightable Works in Digital Form: The Implications of Sony, Galoob and Sega
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
Stop typing Start typing
Taking a Bite out of Circumvention: Analyzing 17 U.S.C. � 1201 as a Criminal Law, Jason M. Schultz
The Artemis Project
The Artemis Project: Private Enterprise on the Moon
The Election Industry Leader
The Farm
The Injustice Line
The QuakeLives Files
U.S. Code
Viewable With Any Browser
WTA: The World Transhumanist Association
Welcome to the Center
What's Wrong With Content Protection
Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative
cluetrain manifesto
state Citizen or U.S. citizen ????
Representative Rick Boucher(VA-09) Home Page
Liberty Alliance
When Is A People Killer Not Deadly?
HACKTIVISMO ==> Social Justice/Technology/cDc
Welcome to Justice Talking Home Page
Public Knowledge
Creative Commons » Home
ibiblio - May :: One World ::
Copyright's Commons
Musiclink :: Free Music; Pay the Artist ::


Educate Online Home Education Pages
The Free Physics Project
the Lycaeum - Entheogenic Database & Community
Nupedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia: HomePage
Holt GWS Web Site - K12Linux in Schools Project :: Everything you need to use Linux in your school!
LeoCAD Homepage
Visual Pinball Introduction
Open Source Now
K12LTSP - K12 Linux Terminal Server Project
SCHOOLFORGE - Fostering Free & Open Source Curricula, Software and Thought in School Home Page
SEUL/edu Homepage
K12Linux in Schools Project - Home Page
K12Linux in Schools Project - Home Page
K12OS :: K12 Open Source in Schools
ISTE - The Leading Organization for Educational Technology Professionals
The Online Books Page: What's New


Ars OpenForum - powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board
C'est Need To Know! [Home] - Front Page
GeekNews... News that doesn't suck -- by geeks, for geeks.
GeekPress, Sifted and Summarized
HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
Linux Gazette Front Page
LinuxFocus Magazine
LinuxHacker: Main Page
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Welcome to Half-empty!
[] [Gazette]
technology and culture, from the trenches || News for grown-ups.
Slate Magazine - Table of Contents
Church of the Swimming Elephant


!! Gallagher Smash: Sledge-O-Matic and More !!
Badtech, The Daily Online Cartoon
Dennis Miller on
Dr. Lobster Comics
Failure Is Not An Option - Geek History thourgh T-shirts
It's A Dysfunctional Life
MC Hawking's Crib
Musical Humor
Penny Arcade!
SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT (1999) WARNING!: ChildCare Action Project (CAP) Media Analysis Report MAR08299
Slow Wave
Spinal Tap
The Easter Egg Archive: Easter Eggs in Software, Movies, Music, and More
The Spirit of Christmas: Official Distribution Site
UF - Cartoon Archive
Welcome to The Comedy Matrix
The Spam Letters
Harold B. Haxton: In Hollywood


Birth Love Columns
ATOLLO : the Dynamic Construction Toy System

Download sites


Scott Statton's Home Page
Harold B. Haxton: In Hollywood
WBNIV's wiki
Welcome to the Atomic Swerve Network!

interesting looking games

Scream Machines! - No Limits, Scream Machines, RCT, Ultimate Ride, and More!
Indie Game Jam

Cars - Every Auto Repair Manual, Service Manual, Owners Manual & Book.
Manual CD's : The ultimate DSM and 3/S Reference Solution!
Club DSM

Audio Recording

Agnula Home Page
DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution
Linux Sound and Midi - Quick Toots

Escher and the Droste effect - Universiteit Leiden


X Windows
Linux on Laptops


Collaboration software

TeamWave Software Ltd.

Math packages

CoCoA System
Dr Genius 0.5.5
MuPAD Home Page
Rlab Web Site
Scilab Home Page
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Scripting languages

Internet C++
Python Language Website
Ruby Home Page
ScriptPerf: Script Language Performance Comparisons
The Programming Language Lua
toLua home page
The "Small" language
MicroTcl for Tcl9
Tcl Training, Consulting and Development from Proc Place
TinyTcl - Tcl for Embedded Applications - Home Page

Router / firewalls

COAST Hotlist - Internet Firewalls
Firewallling for Dummies (under GNU/Linux and BSD)
Internet Junkbuster Headlines
Linux Bridge+Firewall Mini-HOWTO version 1.2.0: FIREWALLING
Linux Firewall Project: Home
Linux Routing Page
Roaring Penguin Software (PPPoE)
RouterWare Press Releases
The whole PPPoE World for Linux


3D Engines List
3DFILES.COM - 10 Gigabytes of 3D Accelerated Downloads
3Dfx and Mesa Howto
3dfx Linux Home
ACID REIGN - Homepage of the Blitz Engine
Aegis Simulation Technologies: BFRIS Zero Gravity Fighter Combat
BZFLAG Home Page
CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents
ClanLib Game SDK
Crystal Space: A Free 3D Engine
David Joffe Game (Dave Nukem)
Fischlustig Homepage - ClanBomber
Flight Gear Flight Simulator
GAMES - The GNU Animation Multimedia Entertainment System
GLSetup Home Page
GLUT 3.7 beta now available!
Game Development Search Engine - From Programming to Creative Design. Your Search is Over
Game Development Search Engine: Linux -- The Ultimate Source for Game Development Info
Genesis Action ROMS
3D Never Looked so Good! Genesis3D - The Premiere 3D Real-Time Rendering Solution
LameOver Linux Demo Project
Linux Games - Even Penguins Like To Have Fun
Map Editor
Maynord's Linux Palace
Modular Game Base
PowerPak GSDK
Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
The DUMB Home Page
The Emulator Zone - Sony Playstation Emulators
The Linux Game Tome
The Mesa 3D Graphics Library
The Mesa Voodoo Demos home page
The WorldForge Project
XRacer - a Wipeout clone
The official Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) page
The origin of Spacewar
Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest for Herring.
Video games and Computer Emulation with Roms Emulators n64 snes nintendo sega genesis arcade mame rage and other games
X-Mame home page
XGalaga Home Page
Xhedgehog Update Page
flipCode - Game Development News & Resources
genesis, megadrive, links, roms, rom sites etc...
Oldmanmurray's Home Page
TuxFleet - a free Space Fight Simulator
The Space Racer official homepage
SpaceThing - It's a thing in space! NEW SERVER
PLIB: A Portable Games Library.
gameinstitute: news & events
World Foundry GDK

modelling / rendering /graphics

3D : POVLAB's Modeller Home Page
3D Never Looked so Good! Genesis3D - The Premiere 3D Real-Time Rendering Solution
3dom - A 3D Object Modeler - The official page
AC3D - 3D Graphics Modeller - HOME PAGE
Behemot Graphics Editor
Discreet > sparks
Extreme Wave Home Page
Free and Fun Freeware Games For You at The Games Factory!
Giram Home Page
Haunted Mansion
Jet3D Features
LGDC: The Linux Game Development Center
Linux 3D Graphics Programming
The GIMPressionist!
Virtual Reality Polyhedra
OpenFX Downloads
Steve's Computer Graphics Index
OpenGL FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

Web development

DevShed - PHP3 Introduction
DevShed - The Open Source Web Development Site
DevShed - Website Database Basics With PHP and MySQL
HTML Primer: HTML Tutorial and Resources
HTML Tag Reference
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview
Lab Note | A Contact Database using MySQL and PHP (Web Techniques, Jan 1998)
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I - Setting up the Database
PHP/MySQL Tutorial
The Winsock Programmer's FAQ: Winsock's Compatibility With BSD Sockets
Top page of node documentation Web Distributed Data Exchange
WebKnowHow.Net: HTML
Windows Sockets

discussion forums

.o0 0o.
DForum (Dan Steinman's Forum)
Message Board, Forum, whatever, we call it Phorum and it uses PHP
Opening Message - Hot 1's Test BBS
RPGBoard - The ONLY message board script you'll ever need!
Squishdot:Cool Dope on Zope
[MFM] - The MadHouse Project HQ
eThreads: free forum software for the WWW

Gallery :: your photos on your website

Harold B. Haxton: In Hollywood
munitions - cryptographic software for linux


Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
ESS Technology
GLAME - GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics
GlobeCom Jukebox
Linux Sound Subsystem
MP3Blaster - Interactive MP3 Player for Linux
Red Hat Knowledge Base Search
Xaudio - Multiplatform MP3 Playback Libraries
ZENamp - The Flexible MP3 Audio System - License Info

car mp3 players

CarPlayer.Com Plans
Compuwiz's Hompage
Empeg Ltd's Empeg MP3 Car Audio Player
I-opener and Linux
InMotion Car MP3 Player
Knight Rider MP3 Player selling Worlds first 37Gb MP3 Player!
MP3VoiceControl - the Coolest Linux MP3 Jukebox Ever
MamboX - The World's First Portable MP3 CD Player
Mp3 2000 "The Sound of the Future"
PJRC's High Capacity MP3 Player
The MP3mobile!
WebRing: Navigation
Xaudio - Multiplatform MP3 Playback Libraries
andy's Homepage - IRMP3 player
mp3 enhancer
mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems
Car MP3 player for people who love mpeg music or mobile DJ's
PJRC High Capacity MP3 Player Circuit Board Project

ecasound - multitrack recording, audio processing, etc
mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems

sound / music

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Daddy's Junky Music-Home
Download Gseq
FreeAmp - Free Audio Music Player
GlobeCom Jukebox
Linux Dance (Music) Project
Pro Sound and Stage Lighting
RhythmLab: Software for investigating rhythm
Roger Waters
SYNTH ZONE - Midi & Synthesizer Sites, Sounds & Resources Guide
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
United Trackers - Non-Profit Organization of Musicians Supporting the Internet Music Scene
X G by Y A M A H A
aRts - analog realtime synthesizer

LegaSynth! Legacy Synths and more!
Planet CCRMA at home
Planet CCRMA at home


Arcade@Home(tm) - MAME, Retrocade, N64 & PSX Emulators - Video Game Conversion
Clarence's Atari 8bit page
HotRod - The Ultimate Joystick Control Panel
HotRod Arcade PC
Index of /~clisowsk/mirrors/8bit:yogis_site/BINARIES/IMAGES
PSEmu Home Page
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
Tera Term Home Page
The Official MESS Home Page
Video games and Computer Emulation with Roms Emulators n64 snes nintendo sega genesis arcade mame rage and other games
Welcome to VMware, Inc.
Welcome to the "Bochs Software Company" Home Page

Embedded Systems

- Embedded Linux and related stuff Portal-
Embedded Technology .com: Virtual community for the computer design industry
Free Linux-based Floppy-Boot Firewall
George Toft's Linux Router Project Repository
Linux Router Project - the embedded Linux portal: Home > View
Micro/sys, Inc. - Embedded PC/104, Industrial Computers
Open Directory - Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Linux: Embedded
US Software - Smart, Swift and Simple. Your Embedded Software Solution.
W.A.S.T.E./mailing lists/Linux-Embedded
Welcome to the Embedded Linux Consortium!

Source exchanges Freelance Marketplace - Home
OpenAvenue Corporation
SourceXchange - Home
The Free Software Bazaar


Aegis 3.19 Open Source Software and Free Software Community Portal
Big Ball of Mud
BitKeeper - Distributed source management and version control
Boost C++ Libraries


C++ Page
C++ Standard Library from Scratch Support Page
C++ Tutorial: Standard Library
C++ portability guide
The C++ Virtual Library
C++ Coding Standard

CASE tools

Mark V Systems Limited: Products

CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents
Cook 2.9
Cutting Edge Linux
DJGPP QuickAsm Programming Guide
DRI User Guide
Doxygen homepage
EiC an interactive, pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter: official Home Page
Espen Sand (khexedit) - Product Info for "Concrete Mathematics : A Foundation for Computer Science, Second Edition"
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
Frequently asked questions about the GNU C++ compiler
GNU Nana: improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++
GNU documentation tree
Game Development Search Engine: Linux
Kernel Traffic
Kernel links
LGDC: The Linux Game Development Center
Linux Developer's Network
Linux Development Tools
Linux Programming dot com - Main
Linux/X11 Game Writers Page
Me3D Home Page
PowerPak GSDK
Programming in C++, Rules and Recommendations
Programming in C++, Rules and Recommendations - Style
RealTimeBattle Homepage - Main
SDL: Simple DirectMedia Layer
STL Resource List
Software Build and Fix: Tips
The Art Of Unix Programming
The Free Software Bazaar
The GNU Visual Debugger
The Home Page for Object-Oriented Technology and Eiffel
The Linux Kernel
The Programmers' Stone
Welcome to, Game Dictionary, and Demo News
Welcome to Software Methods and Tools
XFree86 4.0 / DRI Software Resources
egcs online documentation
flipCode - Game Development News & Resources
tkWorld Homepage
tmake -- A Cross-platform Makefile Tool
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
TopCoder Home
Management and Virtual Decentralised Networks: The Linux Project
MicroSoft Visual C++ Deficiencies
Project Home Page
NewsForge | Community commentary: The case for 'lagom' copyright
eXtreme Programming
gameinstitute: news & events
Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux
jEdit - Open Source programmer's text editor
SCID - Source Code In Database
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
CodeGuru - Visual C++
DevShed - The Open Source Web Development Site
Programmers' Heaven - For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming, javascript, code, delphi, pascal and more
OpenCM Web Site
OpenSTA - Open System Testing Architecture
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

wearable computing

NetObjects IBM TopPage -Support-
Parody of the time thieves. Excerpt from Prof. Mann's Keynote Address; Virtual Reality Conf.; Rio; June 1-6 1998,, UTWCHI, and Steve Mann's Personal Web Page/research
Wearables Hardware and Software
Xybernaut is the leader in wearable computers for workers requiring PCs that are completely mobile and rugged, or where a desktop or laptop computer is hard or impossible to use and palm tops are not powerful enough.


Manufacturers of ICs and their logos
TKGate Home Page


About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org
Bastille Linux Announcements
Beej's Guide to Unix IPC
Broadcast 2000
Building Number Three
CDex Home Page
Concrete Architecture of the Linux Kernel
Configuring an IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM burner in RedHat Linux 6.1
Darxite: The Amazing File Fetcher
Details of Ghostscript output devices
Espen Sand (khexedit)
Fetchmail Home Page
Free Film Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GQview & GQmpeg
GTK FileBrowser
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
IMAP on Linux: A Practical Guide
Kernel Traffic
Kernel links
LGDC: The Linux Game Development Center
Linux 2.2 Kernel Patches
Linux 2000 OnLine - Information resource for the Linux Operating System
Linux Applications - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !
Linux Developer's Network
Linux Development Tools
Linux From Scratch
Linux Help Desk:
Linux Help Desk: | Programming
Linux Knowledge Base Org.
Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site
Linux Standard Base - Linux Security Basics
LinuxHacker: Main Page
MP3VoiceControl - the Coolest Linux MP3 Jukebox Ever
Mahogany Mail, (C) 1999 by Karsten Ball�der
QtVu Homepage
QuickList Home Page
Software Release Practice HOWTO
The Archimedes Project
The KMySql homepage
The Linux Serial Programming HOWTO: Program Examples
The Linux Webring - Home Page
The MathMap GIMP Plug-In
UNIX Reference Desk
Unix Systems Programming - Examples
Using GNU Libc 2 with Linux
Welcome to Linux Central
Welcome to Linux Mandrake !
XFMail main page
The ROCK Linux Distribution
XFree86 Font Deuglification HOW-TO
gFTP Official Homepage
gpart - Guess PC-type hard disk partitions
l i n u x p o w e r . o r g -- Animation & Movie Making With Linux
lxTimeClock for Linux
xSMBrowser 3.0 - General
Linux Enterprise Computing
Galeon : the web, only the web
Welcome to
Comparison of Linux Distributions - The Linux Distribution Game
Welcome to
Linux Home Page
Linux Hardware Database
United Linux
Rosetta Stone for Unix
The User-mode Linux Kernel Home Page
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD


Technical Whitepapers and Publications

The Linux-PAM System Administrators' Guide: A reference guide for available modules
GNOME - Get more software
Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control

the art of programming

Welcome to the SICP Web Site
Welcome to CanonicalTomes
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Extreme Programming explained: The Four Values of XP dissected
Slashdot | The Computer and the Skateboard
Small Farm Today® magazine
Backwoods Home Magazine - self reliance, country living, how-to, independence, independent & alternative energy and much more - Home page
Composting - Helpful Hints
Sonorus - Press Release: AES/8 format translator
Resume for Kevin Seghetti
DSPaudio, Inc.
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - Soundcard Matrix
Good article on the "submarine" patent fiasco

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Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
What is 'Open Source Hardware'?
11th Annual USENIX Security Symposium
Reclaiming the Commons
Planet CCRMA at home
AOpen AX4B-533Tube Data Sheet Page
Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount
HSLDA | Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA | Home Schooling Works!--The Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998
New Survey Says Home Schoolers Excel
Family Unschoolers Network - Unschooling Support
Home-Schooling and "Open Source" Materials?
Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
MarcoPolo | Internet Content for the Classroom
Slashdot | Home-Schooling and "Open Source" Materials?
'I'm a Saboteur.'
John Taylor Gatto
The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher, by John Taylor Gatto
John Taylor Gatto
John Taylor Gatto - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling
Aegis Documents
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slashdot | Interview with Battlebots Champion
Slashdot | Satirewire Calls It Quits
SatireWire |
Slashdot | A New Model for Software Innovation - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
News in Science 20/8/2002 First look at 'bionic eye'
Slashdot | Police Database Lists 'Future Criminals'
Slashdot | E-voting Trials and Tribulations
Slashdot | CompactBSD for Embedded Projects
emBSD powered firewalls
PicoBSD, the Small BSD. Project Info - CompactBSD
Slashdot | Sigma Designs/XVid Update
PDMLT, Code Page
Botworld, Code Page
The GOLEM Project
Evolved Virtual Creatures
The Lemelson Situation. . . . by Greg Smith - Automated Imaging Association
Lemelson Patents Online: a Lemelson litigation information source
The kernel patch homepage of Con Kolivas
Planet CCRMA at home
WVRADIO.NET/WCMIFM.COM :: View topic - We now live in a fascist country - Raid on Kmart lot leaves shock, anger CVS Repository
The Exchange Project
[OSC-ANNOUNCE] [WEEKLY] Issue #9: July 29, 2002
GlobeCom Jukebox Search Project Info - Symphero: Open Source eCommerce
Yams Documentation
Yams Documentation
PostTep :: by the Black-Voodoo Clan
PgMarket - Free E-Commerce Software
PgMarket 2.1.2 Home
123tkShop e-Commerce-Suite DEMO-SHOP | Design: 1
Easy to Deploy Powerful E-Commerce Software - StorePhront
MyMarket - PHP based E-Commerce solution
osCommerce Add-ons
Google Search: html tutorial background color table
Table Tutorials
Celestial Cloth Crafts - Home
Kerry's Herbals - Handmade Herbal Products for Your Family.

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The kernel patch homepage of Con Kolivas
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Reclaiming the Commons
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount
Home-Schooling and "Open Source" Materials?
HSLDA | Home School Legal Defense Association: Homeschooling? Start here.
HSLDA | Home Schooling Works!--The Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998
New Survey Says Home Schoolers Excel
Family Unschoolers Network - Unschooling Support
Home-Schooling and "Open Source" Materials?
Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
MarcoPolo - Internet Content for the Classroom
Slashdot | Home-Schooling and "Open Source" Materials?
Slashdot | The Need for Open Hardware
Slashdot | Students Outpacing Teachers With Online Skills
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Slashdot | How to Test Your T1?
Slashdot | 0wnz0red Technology | "0wnz0red"
Slashdot | Chimps, AIDS, And Immunity
Slashdot | Want Freedom?
NARA | Exhibit Hall | Constitutional Amendments 1-10: The Bill of Rights
The Sacramento Bee -- -- Poll shows free speech support down
Slashdot | Do Long Work Hours Affect Code Quality?
Linux Today - Venezuela's Government Shifts to Open Source Software
Slashdot | Venezuela Goes Open Source
Slashdot | Most Beautiful Experiment in Physics
PhysicsWeb - The double-slit experiment
Slashdot | What Types of Jobs are Best Suited for Telecommuters?
Slashdot | Clean Flicks' Preemptive Strike For the Right To Edit
Slashdot | Ever Wanted Your Own Land Speeder?
eBay Motors item 1855415508 (Ends Sep-08-02 20:58:54 PDT ) - Other Makes :Kit Car : Star Wars
Slashdot | Another Look At High-Tech Fabrics
Slashdot | Self-Organizing Circuit Reinvents Radio
Slashdot | Connectors: A History of Their Technology?
Slashdot | Interview With Pitfall! Creator, David Crane
Slashdot | Cloak of Invisibility Coming Soon?
Slashdot | Interview with Tron Creator Steven Lisberger
Slashdot | Wireless Camouflage?
John Taylor Gatto
John Taylor Gatto
John Taylor Gatto - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling
Irony Central The Story About the Baby Mailing Lists
linux-audio-user Info Page
Slashdot | A New Model for Software Innovation - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
News in Science 20/8/2002 First look at 'bionic eye'
Slashdot | CompactBSD for Embedded Projects
emBSD powered firewalls
PicoBSD, the Small BSD. Project Info - CompactBSD
Slashdot | Sigma Designs/XVid Update
PDMLT, Code Page
Botworld, Code Page
Evolved Virtual Creatures
The Lemelson Situation. . . . by Greg Smith - Automated Imaging Association
Lemelson Patents Online: a Lemelson litigation information source
Planet CCRMA at home
Slashdot | Looking At The Linux Kernel
Slashdot | Egyptian Pyramid Rover Finds... Another Door
Slashdot | Slashback: Courseware, Warranties, Subscraption
Slashdot | Patents for the Little People?
Slashdot | Skydriving
Skydiving Stunts by Greg Gasson
The Oxford Stunt Factory Dangerous and Extreme Sports Club
The Trebuchet
Human Trebuchet
A Dead Cow
A Petrol Bomb.
Title Page
Human Trebuchet
Slashdot | LOGO Still Lives -- New Java-Based Version Released
StarLogo on the Web
Slashdot | Nokia calls Wireless Warchalkers 'Thieves'
BBC NEWS | Technology | Wireless hitchhikers branded as thieves
Slashdot | "L33T" Speak Invades Schools
Register at
Slashdot | Tivo Quadcard Promises Thousand-Hour PVR
Slashdot | Is UnitedLinux Violating The GPL?
Q328691 - MIRC Trojan-Related Attack Detection and Repair
Slashdot | Libranet 2.7 Released
The BCG/OSDN KernelMapper
Slashdot | First Commercial Moon Mission Approved
First Commercial Moon Mission OK'd -- Discovery Channel -- earth, moon
Slashdot | Nanosecrets of Everyday Things
Berkeley Lab Research Review Fall 2001: Beyond Alchemy & The Wright Bros.
Slashdot | Mozilla Rising ... As A Platform
Slashdot | Inside Ximian
Slashdot | How Has Post-9/11 Legislation Affected You?
The Atari Times - Classics - Features - Quake 3: Adventure!
Slashdot | Is This Moon Three?
Slashdot | Comedy Central Cancels BattleBots
Slashdot | Epson Pulls Linux Software Following GPL Violations
Slashdot | Discarded AT&T Microwave Bunkers For Sale
Slashdot | When Users Attack
Slashdot | Secrets Of BIOS Tweaking
Slashdot | Alton Brown Answers, At Last
Slashdot | Individual Atom Memory Created
RELEASE: Scientists develop atomic-scale memory
Slashdot | Farscape Frelling Cancelled
Ain't It Cool News - View Article
Slashdot | Taking MicroBSD for a Test Run
BSD Newsletter: Taking MicroBSD for a test run
Slashdot | Physical and Network Security Merging?
Slashdot | Google Mirror Beats the Great Firewall of China
Slashdot | Houston, We Have a Software Problem
On the table: A decision to Cancel CLCS
Launch Control Center - Firing Room
Slashdot | Hands on Science Learning
Buddy giving the con man a taste of his own medicine
Fun with Scammers
FRAUD: Mike Aba
Help Save Farscape! - Farscape World
Slashdot | Acts of the Apostles/Cheap Complex Devices
Slashdot | Ed Felten in the Economist
CBC News: Heated debate over frozen gas off B.C. coast
Slashdot | Undersea Deposits of Frozen Methane Found
DebianWiki: JuniorPackages
DebianWiki: JuniorProgramming
DebianWiki: JuniorArt
DebianWiki: JuniorArcade
Debian package search results
TiVo Upgrade components including Disk Drive, Mounting Bracket, Torx Wrench.
TiVo Memory
World Foundry Wiki - General Purpose Attribute System
Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit